Hey, friend! I’m Mariah. I live, work, and love in Nashville, TN, and I’ve had this here lovely blog since 2011. By day, I direct a health policy program at a local medical college. I am an advocate for social justice and care deeply about the policies that address the underlying causes of racial and ethnic disparities in health and economic status.

I’m also a creative and that’s where Out Of My Mouth comes in – it gives me an outlet for all of my interests. I originally started OOMM when I was probably at the beginning of a young life crises. I had just graduated from law school and didn’t have a single compartment of my life figured out. Not my career, not my deepest values, not my future, not my hair, not nothing! It was honestly one of the lowest times in my life. I used this blog to make light of it. Read some of the older posts and you’ll quickly find that I didn’t know what I wanted to write or be or do! Yikes!

Now, OOMM is where I share how I’m learning to live authentically; how I’ve begun recognizing and following that still small voice; and how I navigate life’s highs and lows with humility and humor. If you’re trying to get your life or laugh at mine, you’ve found the place.

I write about faith a lot. Not even on purpose. It just comes out. Hope you like Jesus! I also share my poetry here, and I’m working on my first novel so there’s that. Lastly, I be on the Gram. Follow me @outofmymouth


10 comments on “About

  1. Love the blog so far! Keep em’ coming!

  2. Teresa Baxter

    Way to go on the blog Mariah!!! Keep up the interesting work and don’t become discouraged in your journey to find and maintain your purpose….it’s never ending 🙂

  3. Isis Icey Henderson

    Mariah…line girl 🙂 I am sssooo proud of you for keeping your head up and finding a positive outlet instead of getting lost in this crazy world. Never give up on your dreams and remember God has a way of working on all of us. I’m sure His purpose for you will be discovered by you. I love you and I love love love your blog. Kudos 🙂

  4. Mariah, this is great! Can’t wait to

  5. Mariah, my sister! I had to find your photo to make sure it was you. Your blog post was poignant and hilarious! You are a star in every way–keep writing!!!

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