Triumphs Are Meant to Be Shared

Every blue moon. Like, every 10th 5th Sunday or every time the earth turns precisely at a 35.42 degree angle on its axis (????), something wonderful happens to me. Not often. Not most Tuesdays. Not Thursday mornings either (chances increase significantly as the day progresses). Not enough for me to think the devil ain’t still busy. But once in a while when I’m still reeling from a particularly bad Tuesday or when my edges won’t lay right for days on end, something over the top wonderful happens. It’ll be one of those can’t-believe-I’m-special/cool/worthy-enough-for-this kind of wonderful. Usually it’s a oh-so-this-is-how-it-feels-not-to-have-a-cluster-eff-life kind of wonderful. It’ll leave me filled with excitement or even glee. It’ll be so good I’ll know it’s from God because . . . how else?

And usually, I’m all let-me-not-brag and I-won’t-post about it. Depending on the subject and the way I think it might be perceived, I don’t share my good news the way I might be inclined to share if I weren’t super conscientious about being boastful. I don’t even share good news or accomplishments the way I am much more inclined to share my shortcomings and to use self-deprecating humor to share my many (many!) life fails. I’ve come to this realization over the past few months, and I’ve had to ask myself wtf? Like, why? What is this about? Why am I like this? Why am I like this, people????

First off, it’s hard for me not to feel like I absolutely do not have my life together because, in real life, I do not have my life together. Ok but once I get past that, it turns out that it’s about the way I’ve intertwined humility with Godliness. It’s one of the primary ways I tend to express my faith. Funny because I’ll cuss from the top to the bottom of every Tuesday but you’ll very rarely find me boasting about what could be considered an accomplishment. I pick my expressions of faith. You pick yours. Don’t ask me to stop cussing. I won’t ask you to stop lying/stealing/generally being your sinful self. But yeah, I shy away from sharing good news publicly or sharing the details of the news because I’m sensitive to what I think God will think of me. Also, boastful people are annoying. And I’m sure I can stomp some people’s nerves sometimes but it’s not because I announce my resume everywhere I go. I’m typically much more of a my-work-will-speak-for-itself type of person or I just remind myself that some things other people might want to share with the world aren’t actually important. (Remind me to write another post about learning how to place the appropriate value on things we’re taught are important)

As I think through it, I recognize that there is Godliness in sharing the good too. It is just as much an expression of faith to tell the masses what God has done for me as it is for me not to get puffed up. This certainly doesn’t mean I have to make Facebook and Instagram posts every time I get a promotion/house/car/man/speaking engagement/good hair day but it does mean that it’s ok to speak up about the wonderful things with which I’m blessed. I will still be reminding myself of what’s truly important and what’s not so that I know how much emphasis to place on accomplishments. However, even the seemingly unimportant things could help someone else or inspire a person to keep pushing. So . . . get ready to get all these blessings baby. I’ll be sharing. Would love to hear from you too. Tell me the good things happening in your life so we can praise God together. For example, I’m finally figuring out a go-to hair and make-up routine. Can we lift up a praise to the most high for all that He has done and is doing through my bantu knots! Yessss! Hah-luh-loo!

I'm Mariah. Jesus is my homie. I live in (and was raised in) the south. I am, as often as possible, actively grateful for my family because I understand their life giving power. Really dislike melodramatics. Really love reading and writing so much so that I aspire to be an author. What else?

2 comments on “Triumphs Are Meant to Be Shared

  1. Sheena Steward

    I’m ready to read all these blessings. Please share!!! It helps other people know they can do it too. It gives us motivation on those days when we feel like we can’t go on. Seeing someone else win is a win, motivation and encouragement for all of us. I’m proud of everything you’ve accomplished and I don’t even know the half of it lol.

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