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Candy Love – Poetry

It’s Monday. You already know what it is. I’m sharing a poem today for #MondayMusings. It’s about short lived romances – the kind that start off all promising and sweet but then end quickly like you kinda knew they would all along. I promise next week I’ll write something a bit less melodramatic and jaded. I’ve been in my feelings, but I’m ready to come out of them 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

Candy Love

Yesterday, I lived in an ignorant bliss so sweet my teeth hurt

Jaw breakers seemed bitter in comparison

I swam in a pool of budding love

I allowed it to pour over me

It dripped like caramel from my tongue when I spoke of him

The syrupy taste of his presence

Sent me on a high I didn’t know I had been craving

My jaws hurt from smiling with him

Then came the break

Crackle. Pop. Fizz.

Today, he showed me what I already knew

Sugar highs aren’t worth the cavities

I'm Mariah. Jesus is my homie. I live in (and was raised in) the south. I am, as often as possible, actively grateful for my family because I understand their life giving power. Really dislike melodramatics. Really love reading and writing so much so that I aspire to be an author. What else?

6 comments on “Candy Love – Poetry

  1. Sugar highs aren’t worth the cavities 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Deb Thomas

    Love it!

  3. This was fun to read in my head!

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