Yes Ma’am, Kamala Harris

Source: thegrio.com

Yes you may be smart, ambitious, diverse, pretty, and my new role model. Yes you may run for a Senate seat out of California, the first black female and first Asian-American to do so. Yes, you may go to an HBCU and rep it hard so I know you’re down. You may also have your hair laid in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I’ve seen of you to indulge my shallow leanings.

But you know what’s standing out about Kamala to me the most right now? It’s that the open seat in California is vied for by many, and she tossed her name in the hat alongside them all. Several candidates have their eyes on the position and several of them will run. Kamala can’t be concerned about that though. I mean I’m sure she’s thinking about it, but it has not stopped her from putting herself in the running. Sometimes we get so caught up on what everybody else is doing that we don’t pursue what’s ours for the taking. Kamala is like, “Eff that, I’m running. Where ya’ll put my white suit?” I also think it’s important to note that she has been preparing herself for this. Maybe she didn’t know that she would run for office as she got an education and then continued to step in leadership positions throughout her career, but she sure didn’t put any barriers on herself. She didn’t say no to opportunities to develop natural talents. Yes ma’am, Kamala!

I remember when I was in the 8th grade and wanted to run for Student Council. Now just to be real, the kid had not quite blossomed into the butterfly (or moth….whatever) that I am today. It is possible that I was a little on the plump side, had eyebrows similar to a werewolf or maybe Animal the Muppet, and wore clothes that could only be described as . . . well, horrible. I was the kid that people would look at and say, “awww, look at her trying.”  I felt intimidated and didn’t know whether my classmates would vote for me, but I wanted to run anyway. I had almost built up the courage until I read in the qualifications that candidates couldn’t have made a C in any class. Welp, I had a nice healthy C in Algebra so I took myself out of the equation (get it? Equation….algebra) only to find out that *Keisha won the election. *Keisha!!!! The chick with allll the C’s on her report card! I was so hurt, but I remember my mom telling me that I couldn’t be upset because I told myself no before anybody else could. That really stuck with me. I thought there would be a smarter, funnier, more popular person who could lead our class. Even though I had obviously mis-read the qualifications I had not adequately prepared to step into the leadership position because my grades should’ve been better regardless.

I should’ve told myself yes like Kamala is doing. No one could’ve served on the Student Council like me. It didn’t matter who else ran. Absolutely no one can do it like I do it. By the same token, no one could’ve done it like *Keisha (even though I definitely hated on her in 8th grade…..also, I still kinda hate these days but God is yet working on me). There is room for all of us to be great. No one else’s light has to be dimmed so that mine can shine. All I’m saying is my light is just as bright as anyone else’s. I’m worthy of every position I apply for, every book deal I seek, every pay raise I request, every little piece of happiness I desire.

You are worthy too. Yes ma’am.

I'm Mariah. Jesus is my homie. I live in (and was raised in) the south. I am, as often as possible, actively grateful for my family because I understand their life giving power. Really dislike melodramatics. Really love reading and writing so much so that I aspire to be an author. What else?

4 comments on “Yes Ma’am, Kamala Harris

  1. Reminds me of how you basically ran my campaign for homecoming court because I was too afraid no one would vote for me. Unfortunately and fortunately I’m just now starting to branch out and go after what’s mine!!

    Good read Mariah!

  2. I forgot I helped you out with that! I can’t even believe you were nervous. Everybody loved you! But yeah, I’m going after what’s mine as well. Just took some of us more time to realize our greatness! 🙂

  3. Love this!

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