You Can Miss Me Wit It

I wrote this about a month ago. I should have posted it then because it would’ve been more timely, but I still think it’s relevant. Read on.

Source: abcnews.go.com
Source: abcnews.go.com

Let me just tell you why I’m not worried about folks looting in Ferguson.

  1. Ok, I am a little worried. Like, just a little. I can understand unbridled anger and frustration, but I can’t understand how looting helps. For example, if someone hurt one of my brothers I might go punch that person in the face because I’m angry and not thinking about Jesus or the many years of bible school that have taught me to react differently. Most people would understand that, right? You may not agree with it, but you understand it. Let’s say I couldn’t get my hands on the person who hurt my brother in that situation. I wouldn’t then get a bunch of my buddies together and go steal a TV from the local electronics store. I definitely wouldn’t set that mug on fire, especially if it was black owned. First of all, none of my friends would be down. Secondly, I would certainly ruin it because I’m the nervous type. I would drop the TV or take off my mask or forget to gas up the get-away car. Anyway, the end doesn’t justify (or even relate) to the means. In my opinion, though, this is worth spending about five minutes talking about. Let’s move on to the next.
  2. Why the heck are we talking about looters so much when men have died and their deaths have not been justified? Anyone who wants to fill up my conversation talking about angry people doing angry people type stuff in response to ongoing tragedies in communities of color across our country clearly wants to avoid the topic really worth discussing. The news stations and Facebook posters who have spent over 10% of their time in the last two weeks talking about looters are scared to death to talk more about the reasons the looters are out there. You want to talk to me about looters? I’d rather discuss Beyonce’s new video, my chapter’s 40th reunion celebration (which was soooo much fun…..oo-oop!), or the cowboy boots I’ll be getting my dad for Christmas. If you want to talk about a bunch of nothing, let’s talk about how cute my hair is today or the sale you caught at Macy’s this weekend. Otherwise, let’s talk about why black men and women are either being killed or going to prison in numbers and in situations that their white counterparts are not experiencing. Let’s talk about the reasons these things are happening. Let’s talk about systematic racism and white privilege resulting in disparities in minority races that are nothing less than astounding (to be fair, disparities exist across multiple platforms, such as socio-economic status, education, gender, sexual identify, geography, etc., but even those disparities affect populations of color more often). When there is allllllll this to talk about, miss me with convos about them looters. *insert that emoji with the two fingers throwing the deuces.
  3. I don’t accept the vilification of black people. Stop it. Cut it out. Cease. Desist. It’s a no go with me. It’s easy to talk about all the bad (because in fact, the bad exists). I understand it makes for juicy news. What I can’t understand is why we’re acting like the bad is happening more than the good is happening. It’s not. I also don’t understand why we’d talk about the bad without ALWAYS mentioning how these things came to be. If you spend two minutes telling me black people are six times more likely to be incarcerated than white men, I need you to spend the next fifteen minutes telling me your hypothesis of why it has happened and then about twenty minutes giving me possible solutions. It’s unfortunate that some people (white, black, Asian, Hispanic, purple) have had too many bad, personal experiences with black people or have watched too many TV shows and newscasts that portray black people in a bad light that make their perception of black people = bad. It’s unfortunate, indeed, because I promise ya we’re pretty effin’ cool. The VAST majority of us are not looting right now (because our mamas don’t play that and because police be getting away with murder and stuff…..) and though we’re angry about some current events, we’d be content to work out our anger in other effective ways. We are not villains. We’re a diverse, multifaceted, beautiful people.

Even the most widely held beliefs have some dissenters. I couldn’t possibly speak for a whole race. I don’t mean to. Keep that in mind.

Also, I feel like I went in a little bit in this post. If you’re looking for a more lighthearted read, I’m sure I’ve written something about Beyonce. Scroll to that one. If you’re a fan of heavy material, read my post about shocking your senses. You’ll understand. If you’re the introspective, educated, a little radical, but real cool black girl type, listen to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and then read The Book of Night Women by Marlon James. Clear out those horrifying images with any hilarious blog post from Awesomely Luvvie. She’s black girl funny. You and I will basically be the same person.

If this is your first time reading my blog, you can expect rambling of some sort in every post. Sorry not sorry.

I'm Mariah. Jesus is my homie. I live in (and was raised in) the south. I am, as often as possible, actively grateful for my family because I understand their life giving power. Really dislike melodramatics. Really love reading and writing so much so that I aspire to be an author. What else?

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