Drop It Like It’s Hot . . . And Then Pick That Ish Right Back Up

Sometimes I feel down and out. I get overwhelmed with responsibilities at work or I feel like I haven’t done enough with my life or I eat the last of my Cookies-n-Cream ice cream and I just feel horrible! Sometimes I even stay in that rut for a few weeks. I start thinking I need a pick-me-up or I need to move or that I need to get into some good trouble just to shake life. But really, all I need is an attitude adjustment. I need to take a step back and get some perspective.


Half the time, happiness is running away from me and I have to run to catch up with it. Then it gets away from me again, I get lazy and look at it run away, and then I have to get myself together to chase after it again.

Just like at the club – I drop it like it’s hot and even though my knees pop, my ankles wobble, and my thighs burn, I gotta pick that ish right back up.  I certainly can’t just lay down in the floor of the club. Not a good look.


ImagePick that ish right back up, people. 

I'm Mariah. Jesus is my homie. I live in (and was raised in) the south. I am, as often as possible, actively grateful for my family because I understand their life giving power. Really dislike melodramatics. Really love reading and writing so much so that I aspire to be an author. What else?

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